My name is Inge Langbehn, I’m born on August 09th 1962 in Hamburg, and I live in Wedel (close to Hamburg).

Since August 01st  2011 I work for the senate of Hamburg.  August  08th 2012 I made the exam for occupational medicine.

One of my other hobbies is horseback riding which I started when I was 12. Since that time there have been active and less active times. Right now unfortunately less active.

Also I started Line Dance in February 2014.

The way I came to cats and their breeding:

I got my first tomcat Prinz when I was 11. He accompanied me through the 2. half of my growing-up; maybe that is the reason why besides Ramon he is the one of the cats I miss the most.
Because the brother of my mother and his wife share my enthusiasm for cats they are the ones in their neighborhood who care for the cat when their owners are on holiday, and that so painstaking that these cats visits them at home ... And so one day there was a cat standing on their ground which I had never seen before, it looked like a little fox. My aunt said it's a Somali ...
So I realized that there are other breeds nearby “Persian” and “Siam”, started to get interested in breeding cats and bought magazines about cats. Finally I decided to buy a Somali, and so one day “Armijo of Isatai” moved in. Originally he was supposed to be a pet, but he became very beautiful, and accidentally in the beginning of 1998 there was a cat-show in Hamburg ... Right the first day he made BIV although he wasn't in the open class yet. Unfortunately he broke his neck when he was almost a year!
Little Fee, just 7 weeks old at that time, used that chance and ingratiated herself with me; so I got my first Maine Coon. Because I didn’t want to be without Somali  3 month later Ramon came to me (besides a nephew of Armijo). He was already chosen to be a stud.
One year later I started looking for a queen, and so Lizzy came to me. I started breeding in 2000.

In the beginning it where two breeds I was breeding, the Somali and the Maine Coon. I gave up on the Maine Coon after 2 litters because I don't like the modern type. In the mean time I prefer the Norwegian Forest cat as second breed. Referring to breeding I will stick to the Somali and the Abyssinian though.
My first Aby variant kittens were born in 2004, despite a ruddy mother a complete sorrel litter.

Since a long time I also loved the silver Somalis. So in 2013 my first Silver Somali moved in.

In the beginning I was a member of the 1. DEKZV (FIFé). Soon I was tired of the way the members treated each other and were treated through the presidents, and so I changed at the of 2000 into a club in which there's a much better togetherness and which I preferred because of the better breeding-guidelines since it was more protective for the cats: the BEC.
Unfortunately the BEC closed at the end of 2011 so I became a member of the Freesenkatten which seemde to come the closest to the BEC. Soon I was obvious that no other club could substitute the BEC and so some former BEC-members came together and founded a new club. We call us “Freunde edler Samtpfoten e. V.”.


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