Right now I share my house with 12 cats (plus kittens): the Somalis Kira, Foxy, Qalifé, Ulysses, Filou, Whitney and Bijou, the Abys Melody, Nannette, Zoe and Catsanova  and the Norwegian Skrållan. Of course every cat has its own page with a short description, a link to the pedigree and show success.

The way my cats live

My cats can move free in the whole house. They live together in one big group. No one is separated.

Because I live in a house with a garden (about 23,5 square rods) I can offer my cats the possibility of going outside. The back door has a cat flap and the whole ground is surrounded with a fence so the the cats can't leave the ground. They can go in and out during the day the way they want to. During the night I close the flap.

The fence is actually a net about 5’ 11” high partly fixed with telescope stakes, partly fixed at the palisades of my neighbor (of course with his permission)  and dug in about 4” at the ground. On top it goes almost horizontal inside for about 2’. Here are some photos:


my cats